About Us


STUDIOBUEN, a creative- and cook studio founded in 2018 by Margot Beun, specializes in (creative) cooking, design and illustrations.

Renowned for translating stories into visual creations, the Studio adopts a personal and visionary approach in all of its projects. 


These include creations in the field of event organization & catering, personal branding & graphic design, food- & culinary styling, interior design and illustrations.


A pure base and personal touch characterize the Studio’s signature style, which honors each client’s desires while lending uniqueness to projects.


The Studio works with and from love. In order to achieve this, STUDIOBUEN believes that if you do good for the world, you will receive good back. Having this said, STUDIOBUEN uses a sustainable approach by acting local, using organic products and works with what nature has to offer. To eventually create a concept that is good for people, planet and profit.





Margot likes to keep developing and is always open for new adventures. 


Over the past years, she has been busy expanding her knowledge in the fields of interior design & styling (Eigen Huis & Tuin), set dressing (Talpa Network), event management, content creation & communication (Artemis Academy), event- and crew catering (Google Connect, EA Sports, ID&T, Apenkooi), and last but not least, organic farming in Gran Canaria. 


Seeking for inspiration, Margot build a van into a moving office to travel around Europe. Besides cooking and writing recipes, she also started making a name in de surfing industry. (Sport) photography, branding, marketing assets and wrapping designs are some of the work she has been doing. Currently she is teamed up with Sara Wennekes (professional Dutch Windfoiler) to fulfill her Olympic Campaign for Paris 2024. 


She likes to keep an open mind about what the future will bring her: to stay open to the unexpected nature has to offer.