STUDIOBUEN's focus is on concept and design through the use of a multisiciplinary approach:

this includes business projects (branding, interior design, illustrations), artworks and creative cooking


STUDIOBUEN's projects are recognizable by their strong identity 

projects that are not only pretty, but also tell a story


by using local, seasonal and organic products

STUDIOBUEN wants to contribute to a more sustainable world


storytelling combined with natural influences

with the intent to provide a solution that is uniquely special

of each client's individually and taste



Margot has graduated at Academie Artemis as an art director in 2019

she has always been fascinated by the ways food environment influences life in a positive way

passionate about art and traveling, helps her collect creative and innovative ideas for projects


during her internship as a stylist /designer at EigenHuis&Tuin (Dutch television program)

she learned how to combine the client's vision, budget and the BUEN signature together

to eventually create a concept at which everyone is excited about


STUDIOBUEN started in 2018 after she had many requests from people who needed her creative skills

nowadays, the studio is still busy with creative projects as a freelancer


she combined her creative- and management skills

during her job as head communication & event management at Academie Artemis

in which she organized the graduation show during Glue Amsterdam


in her free time she loves strolling along markets to buy fresh organic food

she experiments with everything nature has to offer

to create new recipes and flavor combinations

to eventually publish a cookbook so everyone can enjoy BUEN food




being a young entrepreneur is not easy these days

during covid, Margot was struggling to stay inspired

living and working in the same environment was not ideal

for someone who is always looking for inspiration and adventure


with her creative skills, she started drawing how her perfect world would look like

and what she needed to start a healthy and happy life


the outcome is a movable office and home

so she can change environments easily and stay inspired


with the intent to meet new people and create projects on the road

and start fulfilling her dream: publish a cookbook






The Netherlands / European based

+ 31 6 316 449 89


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