STUDIOBUEN is a creative agency founded in 2018

by Margot Beun.

the focus is all about BUEN food/art/interior

this includes concept styling

but also visuals like graphics and illustrations


with her new project NIET VIES!

she combines her passion for creating

new flavor combinations/cooking /concept&styling

but also to be conscious about the future 


STUDIOBUEN's projects are recognizable by their strong identity

projects that are not only pretty, but also tell a story

edgy black lines combined with color

with the intent to provide a solution that is uniquely special

of each client's individuality



Margot has graduated at Academie Artemis as an allround creative in 2019

she has always been fascinated by the ways food&interior influences life in a positive way

passionate about art, helps her collect creative and innovative ideas for projects


during her internship as a stylist /designer at EigenHuis&Tuin (Dutch television program)

she learned how to combine the client's vision, budget and the BUEN signature together

to eventually create a concept at which everyone is excited about


STUDIOBUEN started in 2018 after she had many requests from people who needed her creative skills

nowadays, the studio is still busy with creative projects


in her free time she loves strolling along markets to buy fresh food

she experiments with everything nature has to offer

to create new recipes and flavor combinations

but most importantly, to eat it together with friends&family


besides BUEN, she is working for Academie Artemis at the department communication & events

she uses her BUEN vision to create content and organize events for online and offline use



that's how she rolls