revolutionair gezond
revolutionair gezond
25/50 dinner
25/50 dinner
library dinner
library dinner

NIET VIES! is a creative catering founded in 2019

by Margot Beun (STUDIOBUEN), Carlijn Arts (EIGENBEDIENING) & Meike Liedenbaum (CHAOS).

3 individuals - 1 concept

the focus is all about cateringconsciousness and creativity

this includes food that tells a story

but also is prepared with local and seasonal products


we cook with the 80/20 rule

that means 80 procent plant based, 20 procent with animal based products 

our mission is to honor food that is forgotten

but also pursue a no waste future


NIET VIES! projects are recognizable by their strong identity

projects that are not only pretty, but also tell a story

edgy dishes full of flavor 

with the intent to provide a dinner that is uniquely special

of each client's individuality


have a look at our flyer & creations